VKTR Hybrids

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Aldila Hybrid Shaft 85 X-Stiff

A hybrid like no other.

$135.00Comparative MSRP pricing $249.99 - $299.99

$135.00 186 reviews Comparative MSRP pricing $249.99 - $299.99

These aren't 'extended' long irons, nor 'compact' fairway woods. They were specifically engineered independently for a given purpose in your bag, between your irons and woods.

Distance. Accuracy. Forgiveness.

We've designed these clubs from the ground up to be just what they are...a unique category of clubs.

Loft Length Lie UST iRoD 75
Swing Weight
Aldila NV 85
Swing Weight
18° 40.25” 58.50° D2 D2
22° 39.25” 59.50° D2 D2
26° 38.375” 60.50° D2 D2

Distance. Accuracy. Forgiveness. A hybrid like no other.

Ben Hogan began developing a hybrid-like club over fifty years ago. He knew that this kind of versatile club would be a great weapon on the course if it were easier to hit and more accurate than a long iron, but provided distances close to that of a fairway wood. The problem was … and remains … that many hybrid clubs don't offer the playability of either a long iron nor a fairway wood.
Not so with the VKTR hybrids. We've designed these clubs from the ground up to be just what they are … a unique category of clubs. They aren't 'extended' long irons, nor 'compact' fairway woods. They were specifically engineered independently for a given purpose in your bag, between your irons and woods.

Unique Shaping

One size doesn't fit all.

VKTR hybrids vary in club head size, from 110cc down to 96cc, depending on loft. The stronger lofts have larger heads creating more confidence at address, while the weaker lofted heads are significantly smaller. Not only does this create 'transitional' visual appeal, but it has allowed our engineers to precisely position discretionary weight in each individual club head.
Our R&D team found that most misses with hybrid clubs are caused by poor contact low on the face. This can result in thin, weak shots that barely get airborne. By moving weight behind the club face, we've been able to maximize the Effective Impact Zone in VKTR hybrids. This dramatically improves overall performance and forgiveness.

Premier Shot Shaping Technology

Customize VKTR hybrids to create desired shot shape.

VKTR hybrids give you the unprecedented ability to fine-tune your shot shape to your liking. Our advanced Perimeter Shot Shape Technology (PSST) allows the golfer to move and position 24 grams of discretionary weight around the club head via four separate weight ports. In turn, this varies the location of the Center of Gravity and creates different ball flights.
Regardless of whether you favor a high or low trajectory, fade or draw bias, VKTR hybrids are engineered to deliver penetrating trajectories with steeper landing angles and more spin … all so you can hold greens better with long range approach shots.

Improved V-Sole Design

Great performance from even a bad lie.

Let's face it; a hybrid club is used often when you need to hit a great recovery shot after a poor tee shot. Very seldom are these important shots hit from the middle of a well-manicured fairway. So, we developed the VKTR hybrids to work best from the rough or fairway bunkers.
Inspired by the performance of our V-Sole® technology in our irons and wedges, our engineers adapted it for VKTR hybrids. Instead of just incorporating V-Sole onto the leading edge of the club, though, VKTR hybrids feature a 360 degree V-Sole design that improves turf interaction from every lie.
A higher bounce leading and trailing edge design allows the club head to slide through the turf more easily. And, the V-Sole designs incorporated into the heel and toe of the club head allow for slight manipulation of the lie angle for better contact on uneven lies.

Don’t just take our word for it

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Dale B.
I recommend this product


we still have 3 feet of snow here in Saskatchewan Canada....I'll let you know how they work when I can see the grass :)

Danny P.

Played with the club minimally

Played with the club minimally due to all the courses being closed atm. Just tried it out at the range and a couple par threes. Gets up in the air quick, and does not work its way left like so many hybrids I've tried. So far so good!

John V.

Versatile from any lie, solid

Versatile from any lie, solid feel at impact. Excellent replacement for the 5 iron.

Duncan D.

Brilliant club goes so straight

Brilliant club goes so straight and far

Gary B.

I needed a hybrid that

I needed a hybrid that would stay in the air 150 yards and this club seems to do it for me. It is very forgiving for someone like me who fades the ball. It really keeps the ball moving back to the left on mishits