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Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that forced us to close our factory for over six (6) weeks, our turnaround time on new orders is longer than normal.
Typically, we are able to ship custom-crafted golf equipment within two (2) weeks of order receipt.
As of today (May 29), our lead time is approximately twenty-four (24) days.
We are working as hard and quickly as possible to fulfill orders but perfection ... something Mr. Hogan insisted upon ... cannot be rushed. Please bear with us as our craftsman and women micro-manufacture your clubs. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed, and thank you for your patience.
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UiHi Utility Irons - 22 only
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UiHi Utility Irons - 22 only

Long irons that you'll look forward to hitting.

You'll have as much confidence hitting your long irons as you do your #7 iron!

Forgiveness where you need it most.

Ft. Worth Hi utility irons utilize many of the same basic design principles as our popular Ft. Worth irons, but offer a slightly larger face profile, wider sole, and more forgiving weight distribution.


UiHi Utility Irons - 22 only

Comparative MSRP pricing $149.99-$219.99


    You’ve seen the photo - one of the most-famous in golf.  It’s a sunny June day in 1950.  Ben Hogan lines up his 1-iron at Merion Golf Club and nails his shot to within 40 feet of the cup. It’s the final hole of regulation at the U.S. Open.  And that iconic shot ... the one everyone gushes over … helps propel him into a playoff and then onto victory the next day.

    It resonates with golfers because most of us can’t hit long irons well, let alone a #1 iron. Until now. Our new UiHi utility irons make the process a whole lot easier. These clubs -- pronounced “You-Eye-High” -- feature a two-piece forged, hollow-body construction which produce higher launch angles, longer carry and more forgiveness -- on both center and off-center hits. And while we can’t promise you’ll hit iconic shots under pressure like the one Mr. Hogan did 70 years ago, we’ll guarantee you that UiHi utility irons will give you a better chance of doing so on a more regular basis.

  • UiHi utility irons were designed to be easy to hit. Most traditional long irons are terrifying to look down at because their low lofts require you to generate excessive clubhead speed to create the spin necessary to keep shots airborne.  Our engineers designed the UiHi utility irons so you can take an easier, more controlled swing … like the one you use with shorter irons that you are more comfortable hitting. 

    The key to hitting quality shots from longer distances is confidence.  The UiHi utility irons were created to provide just that.  Head dimensions have been increased proportionately so when you look down at address, you won’t be intimidated.  The blade length and height, sole width, cavity depth, topline and offset have all been created to work together and to make the UiHi utility irons appear to be a much more highly lofted club.  The result?  You’ll swing as confidently as if you’re hitting your #7-iron instead of trying to muscle a #3-iron.

  • The key lies in UiHi’s two-piece, multi-material forged construction. We started with a soft, 1020 carbon steel frame to create a larger clubhead with a deep cavity.  The deep cavity allowed our R&D team to optimize weight distribution around the perimeter.  This creates a very low, rearward Center of Gravity (CG) to help get the ball airborne quickly and maximize the size of the Effective Hitting Area.  Our engineers added more weight to toe area, too, to eliminate lag and help ensure the face is squared at image.

    The face is forged is made of MS300 steel … an incredibly strong, hard and lightweight material.  This enabled us to make it exceptionally thin so that more discretionary weight could be positioned in other places to add more forgiveness.   Once the face is laser-welded to the softer 1020 carbon steel forged frame the result is a hollow-bodied, confidence-inspiring shaped and solid-sounding clubhead with a low-and-deep CG, maximum perimeter weighting, and loads of forgiveness.

  • We get it. Hitting longer, low-lofted clubs can be daunting … especially on shots off hardpan or uneven lies where getting exceptional turf interaction is critical. To make those shots easier to negotiate, we incorporated our patented V-Sole® technology into all UiHi utility irons.  It’s as if you’re always hitting off a pristine fairway. Our secret: The enhanced V-Sole® design is shaped to be both forgiving and prevent digging, thanks to a high-bounce leading edge and soft, lower-bounce trailing edge. In layman’s terms, that friendly sole shaping lets you make cleaner contact with the ball.

    UiHi utility irons have a classic Hogan look. Traditional shaping, elegant design, clean lines, and a durable brushed nickel chrome finish that matches our other iron sets. They are available in lofts of 18, 22 and 26 degrees -- making them viable alternatives to traditional #3-, #4- and #5-irons. And in fact, the iron number is etched in red along the sole, next to the loft, so UiHi irons can easily be added to the long end of your iron set. UiHi utility clubs are offered with a variety of premium, brand-name aftermarket shafts.


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