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Fairway Jockey is the latest partner to join Ben Hogan Golf’s 2020 Club Fitters and Builders Program, whereby accredited club fitters and builders nationwide can Buy Ben Hogan Golf-branded club heads directly from the Company for use in their custom club making businesses.

“2020 has a been a tremendous year for Ben Hogan Golf as our online, direct-to-consumer business model has enabled golfers to quickly and easily purchase our premium, high performance products, like the ICON irons and Player’s Combo Sets, during a challenging year driven by a golf shutdown do to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Scott White, CEO, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “We are excited to partner with Fairway Jockey, as their business model, like Ben Hogan Golf, is a direct-to-consumer online operation. With their online capabilities, they are able to offer anyone wanting to hit our full-line of Ben Hogan product additional shaft and grip options you will not find on”

Fairway Jockey and Ben Hogan enjoy great synergies with our respective online business operations, which have changed the way golfers purchase and get fitted for their equipment, “ said Kellen Tallada, President, Fairway Jockey. “We are thrilled to align with Ben Hogan Golf and offer their acclaimed club heads to our customers, especially as demand for their forged woods and irons is very strong among serious golfers today.”

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PTx PRO Irons

$795.00 Comparative MSRP pricing $1,225 - $1,399.99


ICON Black


ICON Black







KBS Tour V-Stiff (Steel)img


Choose Grip


Choose Length


Choose Lie

The irons Ben Hogan would make with today’s technology.


PTx PRO Irons

$625.00 - $795.00Comparative MSRP pricing $1,225 - $1,399.99



PTx PRO Irons

$625.00 - $795.00Comparative MSRP pricing $1,225 - $1,399.99

PTx PRO Irons are the irons of choice for discerning players who want to make the most of today's advanced club manufacturing technology.


Pure performance. Pure Ben Hogan.

The new PTx PRO Irons offer forged feel and feedback with today's most advanced materials and manufacturing processes - while maintaining the undeniably clean, elegant head design and geometry that's pure Ben Hogan.

Club Loft Length Lie Tour V Swing Weight Tour 90 / Recoil Swing Weight Dynamic Gold Swing Weight Leading / Trailing V-Sole Bounce Offset
4 22° 39.00” 60.00° D2 D1 D4 10° / 2° .175
5 26° 38.25” 61.00° D2 D1 D4 12° / 3° .160
6 30° 37.50” 62.00° D2 D1 D4 12° / 3° .145
7 34° 37.00” 62.50° D2 D1 D4 14° / 3° .130
8 38° 36.50” 63.00° D2 D1 D4 14° / 3° .115
9 42° 36.00” 63.50° D2 D1 D4 18° / 4° .100
PW 46° 35.75” 64.00° D3 D2 D5 18° / 4° .085


Shaft Flex Weight Launch Spin


KBS Tour V Stiff
KBS Tour 90 Regular
True Temper- Dynamic Gold R300


UST Recoil 760/780 with SmacWrap 760 F2- Senior Flex
760 F3- Regluar flex
780 F4- Stiff Flex

Head Dimensions

Blade Length Blade Height (toe) Topline Thickness Sole Width Offset
4 Iron (22°) 3.024 2.070 0.240 0.590 -0.175
6 Iron (30°) 3.026 2.110 0.240 0.620 -0.145
8 Iron (38°) 3.013 2.175 0.240 0.637 -0.115
PW (46°) 3.015 2.299 0.240 0.665 -0.085

The irons Ben Hogan would make with today’s technology.

PTx PRO Irons are the irons of choice for discerning players who want to make the most of today’s advanced club manufacturing technology. These irons suit extremely accomplished golfers who want to maintain their handicap, as well as very serious, committed players who want to dial in their game. The PTx PRO Irons pair a pure, traditionalist’s mindset with the advanced feel and feedback that only our three-piece, multi-step, multi-material forging process can deliver.
Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company never strives to develop the best “player’s irons” or “player’s distance irons,” for example. Instead, we design and manufacture the highest-quality, best-performing products for better players who seek certain performance characteristics in their equipment. One example? We firmly believe in consistent 4-degree loft gaps between each iron. So, if you are looking for the longest 7-iron on the market, other golf equipment companies will strengthen lofts to help “achieve” that result. Ben Hogan Golf doesn’t play that game … or any others.
The new PTx PRO Irons offer forged feel and feedback with today’s most advanced materials and manufacturing processes – while maintaining the undeniably clean, elegant head design and geometry that’s pure Ben Hogan.

Black and Chrome

A single focus on performance, now with two finish options.

Every Ben Hogan product is designed to deliver outstanding performance, first and foremost. But we also understand that discerning golfers demand that their equipment be aesthetically pleasing. That's why Ben Hogan irons and wedges always look as good as they perform; with no unwieldy top-lines, sharp edges or 'clunky' cosmetics. In short, Ben Hogan products always play as good as they look.
But we also understand that golfers sometimes have different preferences. That's why we now offer PTx PRO irons with a choice of two finishes.
PTx PRO BLACK irons utilize a proprietary finish called Diamond Black Metal. In addition to reducing glare, the darker finish provides better contrast with the golf ball. During our testing process, many better players indicated that this helped them with shot alignment which, in turn, helped them hit incredibly accurate iron shots.
The Diamond Black Metal finish is incredibly durable; much more so than 'painted' dark finishes used by other companies. The Diamond Black Metal finish reduces wear on the grooves so better players can impact the spin necessary to shape shots left and right, or flight shots up and down. The Diamond Black Metal finish adds no weight to the club head.
PTx PRO irons have a nickel-chrome finish for players who prefer a more traditional look. Nickel-chrome is also very durable, and has been a proven way to protect forged club heads and ensure they look great for years to come. Either way, the PTx PRO BLACK or chrome irons and will deliver that soft, buttery feel that all Ben Hogan forged irons and wedges are famous for.

Co-Forged Construction

Design enhancements in each individual club head for even more performance.

PTx PRO Irons offer a slightly larger face profile and sole width compared to the original PTx Irons. Plus, our engineers and designers added slightly more offset. These refinements represent years of testing and feedback from players who want a slightly higher, more stable ball flight.
Each PTx PRO Iron in the set was designed independently for optimal performance. Our engineers never surrender to one-size or one-construction fits all design limitations. It is not the easy way, nor the least expensive, but at Ben Hogan Golf, it’s the only way we know to achieve the very best results.

Co-Forged Construction continued

PTx PRO Irons utilize a proprietary three-piece, multi-material, multi-step forging process. This allows us to combine multiple materials into each iron head to deliver a consistent and linear Center of Gravity (CG) throughout the set.
The long irons feature a soft 1025 carbon steel body with a forged MS300 face. Co-forged, dense tungsten weight is placed in precise locations on the toe to balance mass across the face and promote straighter ball flight, with higher initial launch angles and more spin. This allows you to hold greens better on longer approach shots.
The shorter irons deliver a lower, more piecing ball flight to eliminate ballooning and enhance distance control. They, too, incorporate a three-piece construction technique, but use lightweight titanium weighting co-forged between the carbon steel body and face material.

Linear Center of Mass Weighting

A seamless visual transition from the outside, but a radical engineering transition inside from iron to iron.

Another benefit of our proprietary co-forged construction process is a consistent placed Center of Gravity (CG) on the face of each club head in the set. This means that if you strike the ball in the center of the club face … as intended … 'ballooned' short-iron shots, and thinned long iron shots will be minimized or eliminated altogether.
Like the innovative, original PTx iron, the PTx PRO presents a seamless visual transition from the outside, but a radical engineering transition inside from iron to iron.

Improved V-Sole Design

Design features to help you, even when you don’t help yourself

Let’s face it, at some point your ball is going to end up in the rough or an even less-ideal course location. PTx PRO Irons utilize our enhanced V-SOLE® design. With a high-bounce leading edge and soft, lower-bounce trailing edge on the sole, you’ll easily get the clubhead through the longest rough. And V-SOLE® technology cuts through the densest turf types, even when you are in the middle of the fairway!
The scorelines are 100% milled into the clubface of all PTx PRO Irons. This provides consistent ball flight with more spin, and all but eliminates “flyers” when grass or water negatively impacts interaction between the clubface and the ball.

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