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Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that forced us to close our factory for over six (6) weeks, our turnaround time on new orders is longer than normal.
Typically, we are able to ship custom-crafted golf equipment within two (2) weeks of order receipt.
As of today (May 29), our lead time is approximately twenty-four (24) days.
We are working as hard and quickly as possible to fulfill orders but perfection ... something Mr. Hogan insisted upon ... cannot be rushed. Please bear with us as our craftsman and women micro-manufacture your clubs. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed, and thank you for your patience.
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GS53 Fairway Woods
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GS53 Fairway Woods

Pure Performance. Nothing Artificial.

Engineered to provide incredible, dependable accuracy first and foremost.

Designed for accuracy first and foremost.

While they boast the same name as our driver, GS53 Fairway Woods weren’t designed to be smaller versions of it like so many other golf equipment manufacturers do. They were designed to keep you in play off the tee, or get you to the right place on any hole, from any given situation.


GS53 Fairway Woods

Comparative MSRP pricing $299.99 - $399.99

  • The new GS53 fairway woods. Designed for accuracy first and foremost.

    Ben Hogan was never the longest player on Tour. But he certainly ranked among the most accurate. We think that is because he was clearly the smartest.

    One of Mr. Hogan’s famous quotes is "The most important shot is the next one". What he meant by this was putting yourself in the correct position on a given hole is the best way to make par or, better yet, birdies.

    In today's game, too many players seem to think that raw distance is the way to go low. And, for some players, no doubt, that approach works. But for the vast majority of professional and amateur players in the world, keeping your ball in play and placed correctly on a hole so you attack the pin confidently leads to lower scores. We call it "the lost art of the course technician".

    That’s why we developed the new GS53 fairway woods. They were engineered to provide incredible, dependable accuracy first and foremost. While they boast the same name as our driver, they weren’t designed to be smaller versions of it like so many other golf equipment manufacturers do. The GS53 fairway woods were designed to keep you in play off the tee, or get you to the right place on any hole, from any given situation.

    We think that’s just smart.

  • Enhanced engineering for enhanced performance

    As with all Ben Hogan golf equipment, we set out to deliver best-in-class performance. We analyzed, tested and reviewed all of the best-selling fairway woods on the market. Frankly, we weren’t impressed.

    Most mass-market golf equipment companies cut corners and look for the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to manufacture their products. Ben Hogan doesn’t. As with all Ben Hogan golf equipment, the face on all GS53 fairway woods is forged … not investment cast.

    This means that the 455 Carpenter steel face has a uniform grain structure throughout, free from dead spots, hot spots, or any other irregularities. And the score lines are precision milled into the forged steel face at exact and consistent depths to ensure the highly engineered bulge and roll bring shots struck toward the heel or toe back on line, or tame the trajectory of shots struck high or low.

  • Distance is important, too.

    Don’t get us wrong; we know that distance is critical too in fairway woods.

    That’s why we’ve incorporated Ben Hogan’s proprietary Flex Face technology to deliver a more active and responsive club face and create a larger effective hitting area. This means that the face of the club is forged to the tightest tolerances possible, with different thicknesses in different areas.

    The GS53 fairway woods’ face is thickest in the absolute center of the club face to provide a pure, solid feel. The face has been progressively ‘thinned’ towards the edges of the Effective Hitting Area to optimize distance on off center strikes.

    We’ve even added the famous Ben Hogan ‘Speed Slot’ on the toe for enhanced aerodynamics and more club head speed.

    All of this adds up to the distance you demand, with the accuracy you need.

  • Tour inspired club head shapes and loft options.

    The shape and 'look' of Ben Hogan GS53 fairway woods were carefully crafted by a team of highly accomplished players including professional golfers. More so than almost any club in your bag, fairway woods need to have a certain 'look' at address to inspire confidence. Too many fairway woods on the market today are simply shrunken drivers and are too big to work effectively off the turf.

    The GS53 fairways woods have a traditional look with a squared off toe. They range in size from 150cc (#5 wood) to 160cc (#3 wood). And all have been designed to sit 1 degree open at set up creating a visually appealing look preferred by both highly accomplished and players of average skill levels.

    Even the classic, elegant crown is free from any cosmetic distractions and the sole has been kept clean to ensure clean turf interaction.

    In short, the GS53 fairway woods look as good as they play.

  • Head Loft Hand Length Swing Weight
    GS53 3 Wood 14° RH 43" D4
    GS53 4 Wood 16° RH 42.5" D4
    GS53 5 Wood 18° RH 42" D4


    Shaft Flex Weight Launch Spin
    Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black Regular (5.5)
    Stiff (6.0)
    X-Stiff (6.5)
    Mitsubishi Tensei
    UST Helium Regular (F3)
    Stiff (F4)
    X-Stiff (F5)

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