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Ft. Worth Hi Utility Iron

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  • Long irons that you'll look forward to hitting.

    Even the most accomplished players in the world sometimes find long irons difficult to hit. Typically, long irons have merely been extensions of mid- and short-iron designs, and not specifically engineered to deliver the higher trajectories that quality long iron play demands. This is why many #1, #2 and #3 irons of yesterday quietly collect dust in the back of closets or garages.

    You'll have as much confidence hitting your long irons as you do your #7 iron!

  • Forgiveness where you need it most.

    Ft. Worth Hi utility irons utilize many of the same basic design principles as our popular Ft. Worth irons, but offer a slightly larger face profile, wider sole, and more forgiving weight distribution. All of this is possible due to a unique 2-piece forged, hollow head construction that allows us to remove weight from the center of the club and re-position it on the perimeter.

    Ft. Worth Hi utility irons are constructed via a revolutionary process. The forged MS300 carbon steel face is slightly thicker than most hollow irons which creates more spin for better shot shaping and green-holding spin. The hosel and face are forged together so there is not joint or weld line to compromise feel. Then forged 1025 carbon steel back frame is then precisely welded to the hosel / face piece using a CNC robotic welder.

  • Easily integrate into your current or new set of irons.

    The 2-piece design and hollow construction of the Ft. Worth Hi utility irons allows us to lower the Center of Gravity to measurably increase ball speed, spin and landing angle efficiency. All of these characteristics add up to more forgiving and more playable long irons.

    The design also allows us to vary the size of the club head so Ft. Worth Hi irons can blend seamlessly into your current set of irons. At Ben Hogan, we recommend consistent 4-degree loft separation throughout your set to eliminate any loft 'compression'. In turn this provides you with greater distance gapping, especially at the short end of your set, for improved scoring.

    Simply put, you can easily add Ft. Worth Hi utility irons to the long end of your set. If for example, if the longest iron your current carry is a 26 degree #5 iron, a 22 degree Ft. Worth utility iron would make an ideal addition.

  • Modified sole shapes independently designed for each specific iron.

    Our R&D team found that most misses with long irons are caused by poor contact made towards the toe on the face. To help minimize this, we added a dense Tungsten weight plug in the toe to re-position the Center of Mass further out on the face.

    This creates a larger Effective Hitting Area for better consistency in ball flight and distance control. Even shots that aren't struck squarely in the middle of the face feel and perform as if they were. You'll see minimal loss of distance and tighter shot dispersion on miss hits.

  • Better long-iron shot making.

    Ben Hogan's V-Sole technology has been continuously improved by the company. The technology combines a high bounce leading edge and low bounce trailing edge. This often copied … but never replicated … design allows for easy manipulation of the clubhead without changing the loft no matter if you are facing a downhill, uphill or even side hill lie. V-Sole truly is the most versatile sole in golf.

    However, feedback from strong players and robot testing indicated that the leading edge could be increased on certain irons, and trailing edge softened … especially with less-than-full shots in the shorter irons.

    So, in our ongoing quest to design and manufacture the best clubs in golf, we've improved the V-Sole Technology used on the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Hi Utility irons. The sole has been optimized for each iron in the set. In effect, we've strengthened the leading edge from the sole to the face on some of the Ft. Worth Hi Utility irons, while reducing the trailing edge bounce on others.

    This allows accomplished players to swing with confidence on both full and less-than-full shots, without fear of excessive digging or having the head being 'grabbed' by any strain of grass.

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