Demo GS53 Woods - driver & fairway wood (2 Clubs)

Demo GS53 Woods - driver & fairway wood (2 Clubs)


This is a two club combo featuring (1) GS53 Driver - 10.5 and (1) GS53 4-Wood.

The GS53 Driver is designed to deliver all the distance and accuracy allowed by golf’s governing bodies, forged and crafted in titanium for precision and performance, and is available for about half of what you’d pay for a comparable driver from one of the big, mass market brands. Read more about the GS53 driver.

The GS53 Fairway Woods were engineered to provide incredible, dependable accuracy first and foremost. While they boast the same name as our driver, they weren’t designed to be smaller versions of it like so many other golf equipment manufacturers do. The GS53 fairway woods were designed to keep you in play off the tee, or get you to the right place on any hole, from any given situation. Read more about the GS53 fairway woods.


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