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1) Why is your standard iron set configuration 4-PW?

Our ‘standard’ iron set configuration is 4-PW because we believe in 4-degree loft gapping between each iron and know that a hybrid club or utility iron is a better choice than a #3 iron for all golfers, our iron sets are sold #4 – PW ONLY.  This means that the lofts will be different than many competitive sets AND lengths will be different (with ¾ inch increments in length between the 4 and 5, and 5 and 6 irons … then ½ inch increments between each club through the rest of the set.)

2) How do you measure your length of clubs?

We measure our clubs to the last ring on the grip. In Mr. Hogan’s quest for perfection and the most-precise golf equipment in the world, he measured all clubs to the point where they were held by the golfer … or the ‘effective usage area’.  As a result, our ‘standard’ club lengths DO NOT INCLUDE the unused area of the grip (e.g. the butt cap).

3) What is soft-stepping vs. hard-stepping? Do you offer this in your customization process?

Soft stepping is the term used to indicate changing flex of a taper tip shaft by adjusting the stiffness of a set of irons by putting the lower numbered iron shaft throughout the set.  For example, the 8 iron shaft is put in the 9 iron, the 7 iron shaft in the 8 iron and so on through the set. 

Hard stepping is just the opposite, putting the 9 iron shaft in the 8 iron, the 8 iron shaft in the 7 iron.  This practice applies to sets of shafts that are produced with specific designs and lengths for each iron in the set.

Currently, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company offers the option of having your iron sets hard-stepped. To complete this request, please add to the notes of your order.

4) Which is the best shaft for my game?

Below is a chart explaining the differences in shaft options for our irons (steel) ...


 Shaft Manufacturer Model Flex Weight Tip Spin Launch type
KBS Tour 90
Regular (R-flex) 95 grams .355" (tapered) / SOFT High High
Stiff (S-flex) 102 grams .355" (tapered) / SOFT High High
KBS Tour V
Stiff (S-flex) 110 grams .355" (tapered) / FIRM Low Mid
Extra Stiff (X-flex) 120 grams .355" (tapered) / FIRM Low Mid
True Temper Dynamic Gold
R-300 (Regular) 127 grams .355" (tapered) / STIFF Low Low
S-300 (Stiff) 130 grams .355" (tapered) / STIFF Low Low
X-100 (Extra stiff) 130 grams .355" (tapered) / STIFF Low Low


Below is a chart explaining the differences in shaft options for our irons (graphite) ... 

 Shaft Manufacturer Model Flex Weight Tip Spin Launch type
UST Recoil 760 / 780
760 F2 (A-flex) 68 grams .355" (tapered) / SOFT Mid Mid-High
760 F3 (R-flex) 70 grams .355" (tapered) / SOFT Mid Mid-High
780 F4 (S-flex) 87 grams .355" (tapered) / SOFT Mid Mid-High