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"Throughout the company's history, its iron designs have become iconic in their own right, so it's fitting that Ben Hogan Golf's new 2020 blade iron release is called 'ICON.'"


"Ben Hogan the golfer may have been legendary for hitting long irons, but Ben Hogan the golf equipment company knows everyday golfers need help getting lower-lofted clubs in the air."


"Chances are that you not only don’t carry a 1-iron, you also have not hit too many long-iron shots as well as Hogan did. For that reason, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has just released two new long-iron alternatives, the UiHi utility irons and VKTR+ hybrids."


"The styling of the ICON irons will likely strike that nostalgic chord with many. But don't think for one second that these are just a classic remake, because Ben Hogan did incorporate some of their modern technology."

What Our Customers are Saying

5 stars
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"I am delighted with the product. The quality and craftsmanship is everything I would expect from Hogan, they are superb. When you combine this with the amazing value, swift delivery and the impeccable customer service, it makes for a really excellent purchase all around. So great that such a respected company is doing such a great job in a new way. I know I will be back for future product, and I can’t recommend you highly enough. Hope you go from strength to strength."

Jason L.

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