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Ben Hogan GS53 Driver FLIGHT CONTROL tuning instructions: 

Quickly and easily change the loft, lie angle and face angle of the GS53 driver by following these simple instructions:

  • Turn the driver upside down and steady it by securing the butt end of the grip on the ground.
  • Note how the two white dots (one on the back of the driver head, the other on the adjustable Flight Control hosel) are aligned. These dots must always remain aligned for proper functionality.
  • Holding the driver head with your left hand, use the supplied wrench turn the screw counter-clockwise until the driver head and shaft are separated. Put the driver head aside.
  • Reference the charts below. Gently pull the adjustment sleeve up, rotate, and align the desired setting with the white dot on the Flight Control hosel.
  • Place the GS53 driver head back on the Flight Control hosel, again ensuring that the white dot on the rear of the head aligns with the corresponding dot on the adjustable hosel.
  • Once the driver head is ‘seated’ correctly, tighten the screw with the wrench by turning clockwise. When the wrench clicks twice, the head is secured properly.

Flight Control 9.0

Print the "Flight Control Instructions for the 9.0 GS53 Driver" to your computer or phone

Flight Control 10.5

Download the "Flight Control Instructions for the 10.5 GS53 Driver" to your computer or phone