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    Ben Hogan Trade-Up Program


    Don't let your old golf equipment sit in your garage! Send it to us and let the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company help defray the cost of your new, upgraded clubs!

    Here's how the Ben Hogan Trade-Up Program works:

    1) Purchase a new set of irons, a bag or even a single hybrid or utility iron on BenHoganGolf.com.

    2) Click the link below to determine the value of your old equipment (you can even do this before purchasing new Ben Hogan golf equipment).

    3) Once you decide to trade in your old equipment, you'll need to provide your Order Number from your recent purchase of new Ben Hogan equipment, then simply follow the prompts. It's that easy! We'll email you a confirmation of the information you provided along with a free shipping label, then you send your old clubs to us.

    A few notes:

    - Once we receive your old equipment, we need a few days to inspect and process it. If there are any problems or concerns, we'll contact you.

    - The trade in value of your old equipment cannot exceed the price of your new Ben Hogan clubs. For example, if you purchase a set of our award-winning PTx irons at the Factory-Direct price of $770.00, the value of your trade in cannot exceed that amount.

    - You'll receive a check for the trade in value of your old equipment from the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment usually within 15-20 days after we receive them.

    If you have any questions about the Trade-Up program, feel free to call our Customer Service line at (844) 54-HOGAN.

    For a limited time, your old equipment is worth 20% more!