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    We understand that many players want to touch, feel, hold and, most importantly...hit...new golf clubs before buying them. In fact, we encourage that.

    We are completely confident that when you compare Ben Hogan irons or hybrids to your current clubs, or other clubs you may be considering for purchase, you'll prefer premium Ben Hogan products. After all, as Ben Hogan himself once said, "The feel of a great forged irons goes right up the shaft, into your hands, and into your heart."

    Our DEMO program is simple and easy and provides you with the opportunity to try Ben Hogan products at no risk or obligation. Here is how it works:

    a) Choose the model(s) and shaft you would like to try from the drop down menus shown. At this time, we are only able to offer products with 'stock' lengths, lies and grip specifications.

    b) Enter your credit card information when prompted. We will charge your card $20.00 for round trip shipping. A pre-paid UPS Ground return label will be included in the box.

    c) Your will have fourteen (14) days from the date of order to try the clubs, then return them to us. The clubs must be on their way back to the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company within fourteen (14) days of order.

    Program Details:

    At time of order, we will charge your credit card for shipping ($20.00 as noted above). We will also put a $250 'deposit hold' on your card at that time, but will not charge your card. Your card will only be charged for this deposit if the demo clubs are not on their return route after fourteen (14) days.

    Demo club availability will change on a daily basis. If there is a specific club, shaft or flex you are interested in, but it does not appear in the drop down menu, please check back regularly. Chances are that the Demo club(s) you would like to try are out being tried by other golfers.

    As always, feel free to call our Customer Service line at (844) 53-HOGAN with any questions.