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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and Fort Worth’s temporary Shelter in Place order, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company has ceased production of all custom-crafted equipment through April 3, 2020. The safety and security of our craftspeople and factory staff is of utmost importance.

As a result, we cannot promise our standard two-week delivery on orders right now, nor will we be able to ship any Demo products until the situation has stabilized.

The Company will remain open for business ... and we will continue to process orders ... with most personnel working remotely. Of course, and will remain functional, as will our Customer Service phone number - 844 (53) HOGAN in the U.S. You can also reach us via email at should you have any questions.

Please be safe during this unusual time. Thank you for your patience and continued support.
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It’s not just another putter. It’s a putter like no other.

Forged and CNC milled for exceptional feel and consistency.

After searching for a very long time to find irons that not only feel great but provide forgiveness and playability to meet the user's demands, I've finally found my gamers in the Ft. Worth Black (irons). Such an amazing iron with superb craftsmanship. With the V-Sole and discretionary weighting, you'll be pleasantly surprised with these irons.I've since ordered the Equalizer Black wedges to complete my bag."

Joe W.

Exceptional company that carries out the heritage of Ben Hogan's desire for excellence both in the equipment he used as well as in the perfection of a swing that can perform at the highest levels. This company is one I trust. It stands by its products. It allows me the opportunity, not just to play golf, but to be a player in one of the best sports ever known to mankind itself. Timeless in every way.”

Charles M

he most customer-oriented golf company I've ever dealt with. I've purchased many Hogan products since the company came back to life a few years ago and have been extremely satisfied with their quality and workmanship. I would highly recommend Ben Hogan Golf Equipment to anyone looking to upgrade their game.”

Fred B.

Hands down the best irons I have ever swung. I have had just about every major brand on the market at some point and these don’t even compare. Customer service was top notch at all times through the process. Truly don’t see myself playing any other clubs again. Well done Hogan!”

Cade H.

There is no other company where you can simply order you own specs, have the club built to order and get it in LESS than a week. Fantastic. Hogan clubs are beautiful, hand crafted, works of art. Love 'em. Thanks for the great service!”

Steve B.

I typically don’t write reviews but felt compelled to write one after buying Ben Hogan clubs. First off, I bought the (VKTR) Hybrid (easily the best purchase and club in the bag), the PTX irons, and black Equalizer wedges. The clubs were built to my specs and I could not be happier to replace these with my Mizunos. Mizuno and Miura have always been the gold standard, in feel, but Ben Hogan clubs match that or surpass it, not to mention at an unreal price point. The PTX irons feel so buttery, soft and smooth when hit. The VKTR hybrid is a auto fairway finding machine, just point and shoot. And the wedges just glide through the turf. If you are eyeing these clubs up, don’t window shop, just pull the trigger. You will not regret it. Well done Ben Hogan, you have grabbed a lifelong fan now”

Kris B.

I am on my third set of irons from them and am extremely happy with their clubs. I am a +2 handicap and I play what works versus what name is on the side. Other brand iron prices have skyrocketed lately making Hogan irons about half of what a lot of other companies charge. Who doesn't want to save up to $600? You won't regret it.”

Sam W.

I recently demoed the black Ft. Worth and PTX irons. Received the demos within a few days and had two weeks to hit them and make my decision. I ended up getting fit at my local club fitting facility and went with the PTX irons. They are the most beautiful hand crafted irons I have ever seen. I received them within a week and you can't beat the price!! It was well worth the time it took to demo and get fit. They haveseveral shaft selections, I just needed my length, lie, & shaft section and that was it. Highly recommend The Ben Hogan Company!"

Robert F.

Don't just take our word for it

Ben Hogan Duffle Bag

Very nice duffle bag, that has plenty of space.

- Dennis Ulrich

Edge Irons

DO NOT hesitate to get these clubs! They really are high quality products and play like wonderfully.

- Glenn

PTx Irons

Fantastic looking and feeling clubs. Excellent value with outstanding customer service.

- Walter Stackhouse

VKTR Hybrids

Best hybrid i have ever hit. The ball goes straight....Flat out amazing.

- Francis Lott

Equalizer Black Wedges

You just can't get a better wedge for the price. This is the best value going.

- Thomas Brown