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PTx Irons


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Ben Hogan Duffle Bag

Very nice duffle bag, that has plenty of space.

- Dennis Ulrich

Ben Hogan Golf Grips (10 Pack)

My favorite grips ever.

- Paul Carollo

BH1 Stand Bag

Phillip Valerio

- John Doe

Edge Irons

DO NOT hesitate to get these clubs! They really are high quality products and play like wonderfully.

- Glenn

Ft. Worth Black Irons

These clubs exceeded my expectations. This is the fourth set of Hogan irons I have owned, and these are the best.

- Keith

PTx Irons

Fantastic looking and feeling clubs. Excellent value with outstanding customer service.

- Walter Stackhouse

VKTR Hybrids

Best hybrid i have ever hit. The ball goes straight....Flat out amazing.

- Francis Lott

Equalizer Black Wedges

You just can't get a better wedge for the price. This is the best value going.

- Thomas Brown



The most technologically advanced Hogan irons ever.

Before we began development of PTx irons, we talked to hundreds of serious, passionate golfers. We found that most wanted more performance out of their irons; more forgiveness on off-center hits, higher ball flight in their longer irons, and more penetrating trajectories in their scoring irons. And, they also wanted a traditional 'look' that promoted confidence including a slightly larger profile at address and a bit more offset.

But none wanted to give up the solid feel and ability to shape different shots which has long been the domain of forged irons.

After extensive R&D efforts, CAD modeling and testing, we created PTx irons. The first transitional iron designed for the improving player or the accomplished player that wants cutting edge technology to help maintain their ability. PTx irons provide the feel, precision and consistency you demand, without sacrificing on confidence or forgiveness.





Each iron individually engineered for optimal performance.

PTx irons utilize a revolutionary, patented, co-forging process that allowed us to ensure each individual club head performs exactly as designed.

The longer irons are hollow with 1025 Carbon Steel frame and hosel, and an ultra-thin MS300 steel face for distance and exceptional feel. We precisely position dense Tungsten weights low in the various heads to deliver higher trajectories and steeper landing angles.

The shorter, scoring irons are forged by joining the 1025 Carbon Steel frame, hosel and separate face … but we've removed the heavier steel material and replaced it with a lightweight Titanium core. This allows us to remove just the right amount of mass from the center of each club head to optimize perimeter-weighting for more precise shot making.

Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf



Perfect trajectories throughout your set.

Another benefit of our proprietary co-forged construction process is a consistent placed Center of Gravity (CG) on the face of each club head in the set. This means that if you strike the ball in the center of the club face … as intended … 'ballooned' short-iron shots, and thinned long iron shots will be minimized or eliminated altogether.

The innovative PTx iron presents a seamless visual transition from the outside, but a radical engineering transition inside from iron to iron.

Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf



Better turf intertaction and more versatility

Ben Hogan's V-Sole technology has been continuously improved by the company. The technology combines a high bounce leading edge and low bounce trailing edge.  This often copied … but never replicated … design allows for easy manipulation of the clubhead without changing the loft no matter if you are facing a downhill, uphill or even side hill lie.  V-Sole truly is the most versatile sole in golf.

However, feedback from strong players and robot testing indicated that the leading edge could  be increased on certain irons, and trailing edge softened … especially with less-than-full shots in the shorter irons.

So, in our ongoing quest to design and manufacture the best clubs in golf, we've improved the  V-Sole Technology used on the Ben Hogan PTx irons.  The sole has been optimized for each iron in the set.  In effect, we've strengthened  the leading edge from the sole to the face on some of the PTx irons, while reducing the trailing edge bounce on others.

This allows accomplished players to swing with confidence on both full and less-than-full shots, without fear of excessive digging or having the head being 'grabbed' by any strain of grass.


Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf


Choose the set configuration that suits your game.

In the ultimate commitment to precision, PTx irons are offered in four (4) separate launch profiles. Every iron in the 7-piece set is numbered with its exact loft on the sole, and the traditional iron number designation on the hosel. All PTx irons set incorporate precise, consistent 4-degree loft gaps between each iron for optimal distance gapping.


Low Launch Loft Profile:     20/24/28/32/36/40/44
Mid Launch Loft Profile:     21/25/29/33/37/41/45
Mid-high Launch Loft Profile:     22/26/30/34/38/42/46
High Launch Loft Profile:     23/27/31/35/39/43/47


Precision is Back Ben Hogan Golf






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